Connecting, Learning, and Leading: Insights from Nearly a Decade of OMS Conferences

Guest post by Meghan Semiao, OMS 2024 Program Co-Chair
Director of Asset Management and O&M

I attended my first ACP Operations, Maintenance, and Safety Conference (OMS) in 2016.听

From the moment I arrived, I was completely blown away by the knowledge of the panelists, the breadth and depth of the presentations, and the quality of the networking on the exhibit hall floor.听

I walked away with new contacts and a new perspective on how to solve issues I had been trying to work through, returning to work the following Monday ready to roll up my sleeves to help move the industry forward.听

After that conference, I joined the and met more inspiring new colleagues. Everyone was committed to how we could improve our industry and the longevity of the renewable assets that we managed.听

Through the conference and the committees, I built relationships across the industry that I could call on to talk through challenges and got to know vendors that could get me parts and equipment I needed at the drop of a hat.听

I still get butterflies every year as the excitement builds getting closer to the ACP Operations, Maintenance, and Safety Conference. This year鈥檚 conference will feature the latest topics and trends across all technologies including solar, wind, hydrogen, and energy storage. The leading experts in the industry are gathering their thoughts on how to maximize production, protect our people, and extend asset useful life safely and effectively.

This year, I am looking forward to discussing Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) impacts on operations, ACP standards and qualifications for technicians, evolving safety standards, and maintenance best practices. In addition, I am particularly eager to learn about new mental health practices that we can implement at sites to help support our technicians in the field.

Additionally, I am honored to be joining OMS this year as a co-chair. This has been an aspiration of mine since joining the industry, and I am thankful to have been given this opportunity.听

I can鈥檛 wait to see you there!听

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